Review of 2020


Dan Trubridge

I\’ll start with a snippet from the email for my 28th March 2020 CWMP3s show:

\’My last show now feels like the distant past: there I was breezily picking over the highlights of 2019 not knowing we\’d all be living in a mildly Mad-Max-esque future where a toilet roll based currency is looking increasingly likely.\’

In the intervening period spirits have been kept up by:

  • My local venue starting to live-stream performances
  • The local record shop starting home delivery – obviously to a safe distance from the front door
  • The joy of records ordered late at night, forgotten about, then unexpectedly turning up – our post lady has risen admirably to the challenge of increased vinyl deliveries

Anyway back to the point, my top ten of the year:

  1. Heaven To A Tortured Mind by Yves Tumor
  2. Nothing as the Ideal by All Them Witches
  3. I Am Moron by The Lovely Eggs
  4. FREE I.H- This Is Not the One You\’ve Been Waiting For by illuminati hotties
  5. Sugaregg by Bully
  6. Stray Fantasies by Mint Julep
  7. New Light by Gidge
  8. Sprawling by Happy Accidents
  9. Working Men\’s Club by Working Men\’s Club
  10. This Place Sucks Ass by PUP

Honourable mentions..

Lots of great releases from artists and venues doing their best to keep themselves or others going due to lack of touring, here\’s a couple:

  • Torche – Part Time Punks Session
  • Various Artists – Live At Windmill Brixton – In Between The Lockdowns

Also of note:

  • Compilations and singles on the Future Disco label
  • EPs by Llewellyn (Lake People) on the Riotvan label
  • Citizen Bravo, Raymond MacDonald & Friends: Return To Y\’hup – The World of Ivor Cutler

Dishonourable mention..

  • If you want to stoke the fires of raging debate within the CWMP3s team do a covers show. Favourite from my covers special was The Fall\’s cover of Lost In Music.