2019-01-05 CWMP3s Presented by Glen Wiffen

  • 1 Nancy Wilson Happy Talk
    2 The Rascals It’s Wonderful
    3 Wild Pink There’s A Ledger
    4 Matthews Southern Comfort Southern Comfort
    5 Marshall Tucker Band I’ll Be Loving You
    6 Steve Hillage The Glorious Om Riff
    7 Iggy Pop & Underworld Get Your Shirt
    8 Ital Tek Satelitte
    9 K’naan Voices In My Head
    10 Jon Hassell Ba-Ya
    11 Rahsaan Roland Kirk You Did It, You Did It/E.D.
    12 Adam Gnade/YouthMovies Honey Slides
    13 Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love With
    14 TVAM These Are Not Your Memories
    15 Strawbs Something For Nothing
    16 The Decemberists Everything Is Awful
    17 Tangled Hair Yeah, It Does Look Like A Spider
    18 Stretch Write Me A Note
    19 An Triskell Kroaz Hent
    20 Susheela Raman Amba
    21 Travis & Fripp Blue Calm
    22 King Midas Sound/Fennesz Lighthouse
    23 Genesis Dancing With The Moonlit Knight