2018-10-20 CWMP3s Presented by John Parsons

  • Lyrics Born I’m a Phreak
    Butsenzeller Voteshutupworkconsume
    The Mountain Goats Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds
    Maker Dead Ends and Avenues
    Doe Labour Like I Do
    Mint Mile Can’t Fins a Hat
    False Lights Babylon
    Atmosphere Virgo
    Opeth Slither
    Mewithoutyou New WIne, New Skins
    The Hold Steady Star 18
    Cleft Alec Baldwin’s Hair
    Clark Slap Drones
    Jeremy Enigk Shade and the Black Hat
    Maps & Atlases Witch
    Grand Blue Heron WWYDS
    Sam Carter The One
    Mage Hand Jake is Available
    Bark Psychosis Miss Abuse
    Cursive Vitriola
    The Magpie Salute Send Me an Omen
    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Sister’s Jeans