2022-08-20 CWMP3s Presented by John Parsons

  • 1 Georgia Satellites Battleship Chains
    2 Bernard Cribbins Right Said Fred
    3 Pink Mountaintops Lights of the City
    4 Porcupine Distraction
    5 Editrix Cowboy
    6 Fishboy Greatness Waitress
    7 Hooveriii Stone Men
    8 Hallelujah The Hills The Girl With Electronics Inside
    9 Atmosphere It Goes
    10 Pip Blom I Know I’m Not Easy To Like
    11 Quantum Jump Over Rio
    12 Porcupine The Big Window
    13 Carina Round Into My Blood
    14 Thunder Flawed to Perfection
    15 Porcupine Plans In Slow Mo
    16 Green Lung Old Gods
    17 E Contagion Model
    18 Caligula’s Horse Dream The Dead
    19 Order Of The Toad Solo Amor
    20 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Bob Holiday
    21 Superchunk Highly Suspect
    22 Coriky Say Yes
    23 Trashcan Sinatras Lay Of The Land