2019-11-30 CWMP3s Presented by John Parsons

  • 1 Lungbutter Honey
    2 The Duke of Stratosphear You’re a Good Man Albert Brown
    3 Man or Astro-man Antimatter Man
    4 Jack Adaptor Goodnight Satellite
    5 Minutemen The Glory of Man
    6 The Magpie Salute Sooner or Later
    7 Lisa Germano The Dresses Song
    8 Life Excites Me
    9 Kevin Ayers Song from the Bottom of a Well
    10 Maps & Atlases Learn How to Swim
    11 Mammoth Penguins Put it all on You
    12 Silkworm The Grand Tour
    13 Jean-Michel Jarre Second Rendez-vous, Part 1
    14 Leggy Kick the Habit
    15 Marillion Cannibal Surf Babe
    16 Soot Sprite Day Job
    17 Mikey Collins Home Bird
    18 Mod Con Submit
    19 Night Flowers I’ve Loved You (Such a Long Time)
    20 Bjork Bachelorette
    21 Bonnie Prince Billy One with the Birds
    22 Spooky Concussion
    23 Songs: Ohia Love Leaves its Abusers
    24 Granfaloon Bus Matthew
    25 Frank Black and the Catholics St. Francis Dam Disaster