2019-01-26 CWMP3s Presented by Dental Drill

  • 1 Presents For Sally Everytime a Bell Rings an Angel Gets it’s Wings
    2 The Dickies Silent Night
    3 Random Forest The New Year
    4 The Shermans Snowsong
    5 The Popguns Waiting For The Winter
    6 Cocteau Twins Frosty The Snowman
    7 Razorline Winter Night
    8 Maps and Diagrams Snowflake Obsidian
    9 When Nalda Became A Punk New Year’s Day
    10 The Windmills Snow White
    11 Simple Minds Seeing Out The Angel
    12 Secret Shine Snowglobe
    13 Under Electric Light Wintertime
    14 Hammock Dust Is The Devil’s Snow
    15 Lúnasa Snowball
    16 Ramones Something To Believe In
    17 Ash Angel Interceptor
    18 Snow In Mexico Prodigal Summer
    19 The Wave Pictures We Dress Up Like Snowmen
    20 DIV I DED Belief
    21 jellyskin Snow Sky
    22 angel falls Never Leave
    23 The Icicles Snowman
    24 plantcell Snow and Luculia (from Flowergaze?)
    25 Leave The Planet Winter Sleep