2018-02-10 CWMP3s presented by John Bloor

  • 1The Bug vs EarthSnakes Vs Rats
    2Grauss Boutique112
    3Our MotherHeaven
    4Dub TrioNot For Nothing
    5Seal of QualityDeceiver
    6The Grassy KnollArt of Fear
    7IglooghostWhite Gum
    9Meridian BrothersDinamita
    10The FallFunnel of Love
    11Led ZeppelinDazed and Confused
    12Giant ClawSoft Channel 007
    13DUDSNo Remark
    14LiarsMess On A Mission
    15BangladeafyAct Like An Adult
    16PinegroveThe Metronome
    17The WorldCity Life
    18Dead RiderWHEN i Was Frankenstein’s
    19Tu FawningI’m Gone
    20Chelsea WolfeVex
    21Snapped AnklesI Want My Minutes Back
    22The Van PeltYou Are The Glue