2018-02-03 CWMP3s Presented by Dan Trubridge

  • 1The New PornographersWhiteout Conditions
    2SpoonHot Thoughts
    3Lower SlaughterBone Meal
    4LCD SoundsystemCall The Police
    5Goat GirlCracker Drool
    6Moon DuoCreepin’
    7France GallLaisse tomber les filles
    8Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
    9Johnny HallydayHey Joe
    10!!!(Chk Chik Chick)Imaginary Interviews
    12The New PornographersDarling Shade
    13Bad LiversLust For Life
    14The NationalMistaken For Strangers
    16Beth OrtonShe Cries Your Name
    17Steven WilsonSignificant Other
    18Sage FrancisThe Best Of Times
    19Scott WalkerThe World’s Strongest Man
    21The New PornographersWe’ve Been Here Before
    22St. VincentYoung Lover
    23BentAlways (Ashley Beedle’s Mahavishnu Vocal Mix)