2017-08-05 CWMP3s presented by John Bloor

  • 1Ghost In A SundressSinging Cities
    2FugaziNo Surprise
    3BirthmarkA Violent And Confusing Reaction
    4XTCRoads Girdle The Globe
    5Lifted BellsLily Sierra
    6David DominiqueBig Boned’d Jim
    7King TubbyDub Magnificent
    8Three Trapped TigersCramm
    9아버지 (Father)reflections
    11LongpigsThe Frank Sonata
    12Elza SoaresBenedita
    13Low End String QuartetRondo
    14Simple Minds20th Century Promised Land
    15Down I GoOf Marbendill
    16American RoyaltyMatchstick
    18PitchBlak Brass BandAnticipation
    20Squirrel FlowerNot Your Prey
    21RadianPickup Pickout