2017-07-29 CWMP3s presented by Dental Drill

  • 1 Laibach Opus Dei
    2 The Guo Brothers The Dream Of The Red Mansion
    3 Ramones Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
    4 MC5 Sister Anne
    5 Say Hi Laundry
    6 The Deltahorse Call It A Day
    7 Mayor Dadi In Laos
    8 Franny & Zooey Daydream
    9 Depeche Mode Photographic
    10 TV Girl On Land
    11 93millionmilesfromthesun Skyfall [Remastered]
    12 Abul Mogard Tumbling Relentless Heaps
    13 Test Dept. Total State Machine
    14 Northern Portrait Leave The Trees Alone
    15 Imandra Lake Külm
    16 lola demo Bitter Delicious
    17 mooncreatures Neon District
    18 tourmaline hum Rain Song
    19 tourmaline hum Bletchley Park Lurker
    20 Noir for Rachel Untitled Tape
    21 The Sisters of Mercy Flood II
    22 sloth trees haystacks (mix)
    23 The Chewers Some Folks