2016-09-10 ADV

  • 1Car Seat HeadrestDestroyed by Hippie Powers
    2WaxahatcheeUnder a Rock
    3Girls Against BoysLet’s Get Killed
    4Super Furry AnimalsIce Hockey Hair
    5The WalkmenThe Rat
    6Eileen RoseStagger Home
    7Tides of ManDrift
    8Flaming LipsUnconsciously Screamin’
    9American Music ClubFirefly
    10WheatCan’t Wash It Off
    11Guided By VoicesUseless Inventions
    12William Elliott WhitmoreThere’s Hope For You
    13Parts and LaborHurricane
    14Kasey ChambersYou Got The Car
    15Hop AlongSister Cities
    16Mark Lanegan BandGray Goes Black
    17QuasiThe Happy Prole
    18HeatmiserEagle Eye
    19AtmosphereLet Me Know That You Know What You Want Now
    20Arliss NancyDirections Never Hold
    21SparklehorseHundreds of Sparrows
    22Les Savy FavLet’s Get Out of Here
    23Admiral FallowBeetle in the Box
    25The Capstan ShaftsClass War Tease
    26DawesA Little Bit of Everything