2022-01-29 CWMP3s Presented by Alan Devey

  • 1 The Burning Hell Friend Army
    2 Papas Fritas What Am I Supposed To Do?
    3 Lipstitch Tough Year
    4 John Cooper Clarke I Don’t Want To Be Nice
    5 Lonely Tourist Tom At The Library
    6 Porridge Radio Sweet
    7 TTrruuces Ttrruuces
    8 Jarvis Cocker Further Complications’
    9 Parts and Labor Wedding In a Wasteland
    10 Secret Sisters Dust Cain’t Kill Me
    11 Stuyvesant 3:00 AM
    12 Greg Hoy Spouse of the Lowly
    13 Six by Seven Bring Down The Government
    14 The Flamingoes Disappointed
    15 Aeon Station Fade
    16 Idlewild Satan Polaroid
    17 Adia Victoria South For The Winter
    18 Sage Francis Slow Man
    19 Benchmarks Wolves Outside The Door
    20 Jim White 10 Miles To Go On a 9 Mile Road
    21 Girls Against Boys Super-Fire
    22 William Elliott Whitmore Busted
    23 Kaleb Stewart Everything’s Separated
    24 Everclear Heartspark Dollarsign
    25 Josh Ritter Empty Hearts