2021-12-11 CWMP3s Presented by Andrew Kingston

  • 1 Pinegrove Orange
    2 American Football But The Regrets Are Killing Me
    3 Low More
    4 Risk/Reward House Of Cards
    5 Marriages Skin
    6 Emma Ruth Rundle Blooms Of Oblivion
    7 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Real Emotional Trash
    8 Delta Sleep Old Soul
    9 Nicolai Dunger Entitled To Play
    10 Mudhoney Into The Drink
    11 Squitch Reservoir
    12 Momma Medicine
    13 Courtney Barnett Turning Green
    14 Forth Wanderers Know Better
    15 Low Disappearing
    16 Pajo Let It Be Me
    17 Rodan Sangre
    18 Midlake Meanwhile
    19 Kristofer Astrom Yeah, Oh That’s Nice
    20 Low The Price You Pay (It Must Be Wearing Off)