2021-10-30 CWMP3s Presented by Alan Devey

  • 1 TUNS We Stand United
    2 Pardoner I Wanna Get High To The Music
    3 Faye Webster In a Good Way
    4 Unwed Sailor Echo Roads
    5 Darren Hayman A Girl That I’m Seeing
    6 Richard Dawson Jogging
    7 Melin Melyn Lucy’s Oddyssey
    8 Sleaford Mods TCR
    9 Teen Creeps Tourist
    10 Wichita Grand The Falling
    11 The New Pornographers Failsafe
    12 Slobberbone Line On In The Dark
    13 Stuyvesant St. Cloud
    14 Randy Newman Potholes
    15 Lucy Dacus First Time
    16 Hum Stars
    17 Adia Victoria Carolina Bound
    18 Pardoner Bunny’s Taxi
    19 John Murry I Refuse to Believe (You Could Love Me)
    20 Songs For Snakes Her Descent
    21 Enigma Return to Innocence
    22 Triplefastaction Revved Up
    23 The Shins Turn a Square
    24 Yo La Tengo Big Day Coming