2021-10-16 CWMP3s Presented by Glen Wiffen

  • 1 Salena Jones Nature Boy
    2 Roisin Murphy Narcissus
    3 Sunshine Band Rock Your Baby
    4 Dark Star What In The World’s Wrong
    5 The Dead 60’s We Get Low
    6 Lou Reed Warrior King
    7 The Guess Who Heartbroken Bopper
    8 The Homosexuals Walk Before Imitate
    9 March Blue Hour
    10 Repairs Preacher
    11 Nat Stuckey That’s All She Ever Said Except Goodbye
    12 Munich Machine Get On The Funk Train
    13 David Bowie Panic In Detroit
    14 Lost Tuesday Society Lights
    15 Danny McBride In The Country
    16 Lucy Kitchen Autumn
    17 David Wiffen Fugitive
    18 Kid Ory Hindustan
    19 Fever Tree Imitation Situation No.1/Where Do You Go?
    20 Marc Almond Lord Of Misrule
    21 Marc Almond The Crows Eyes Have Turned Blue