2021-03-27 CWMP3s Presented by John Parsons

  • 1 Stargaze Facet Squared
    2 The Wedding Present Secretary
    3 Grandaddy Hewlett’s Daughter (Piano Version)
    4 Really From Quirk
    5 Allo Darlin’ History Lessons
    6 The Hold Steady Unpleasant Breakfast
    7 Lankum Bad Luck To The Rolling Water
    8 Speedy Ortiz Hitch
    9 Mush Drink the Bleach
    10 Skyway Man Did Ya Know Him?
    11 Pom Poko Crazy Energy Night
    12 Andrew Coleman Early Fall From Nowhere
    13 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Mr Prism
    14 Neil Young & Crazy Horse Homegrown
    15 Squitch Pretty Boy
    16 AK/DK Astroturf
    17 Trashcan Sinatras Ways
    18 The Breeders I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love with You)
    19 Glen Wiffen Dig Deep
    20 Body Futures Phantom Patterns Arson
    21 Bay Faction Coyote
    22 The Cash Brothers Nebraska
    23 Amon Tobin Melody Infringement
    24 Editrix Torture
    25 Clem Snide Some Ghost