2020-04-04 CWMP3s Presented by Glen Wiffen

  • 1 Paul Mauriat Orchestra Speak Softly Love
    2 Frank Sinatra The World We Knew
    3 Stretch Hold On
    4 Neil Young Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
    5 King Creosote Going Gone
    6 Cousin Joey Why?
    7 CMU A Distant Thought, A Point Of Light
    8 My Chemical Romance Sing
    9 Dalindeo Rhythm of Kallio
    10 Primitive Infancia
    11 Trigboy Times Ahead
    12 Ill Vision Coma Culture
    13 Leo Sayer La Booga Rooga
    14 Bill Nelson I Always Knew That You Would Find me
    15 Hess Is More Chopin
    16 Keir Vine Wavey Blade
    17 Ital Tek The Circle Is Complete
    18 Towering Inferno Partisans
    19 John Barry Return To The Present
    20 Telepathy The Void In Aimless Flight
    21 Barclay James Harvest In Memory Of The Martyrs
    22 Brewer & Shipley Have A Good Life