2020-01-18 CWMP3s Presented by Alan Devey

  • 1Troubled HubbleTo Be Alive and Alone
    2NY LoosePretty Suicide
    3Randy NewmanIt’s Money That I Love
    4The Flaming LipsMy Own Planet
    5The Mendoza LineDollars to Donuts
    6Tim Holehouse(I’m Not) Icarus
    7The Stone RosesMade of Stone
    8Archers of LoafOne Slight Wrong Move
    9Bare Jr.Kiss Me (Or I Will Cry)
    10Josh RitterWhere The Night Goes
    11SuperchunkBreak The Glass
    12Frightened RabbitBreak
    13My Morning JacketPhone Went West
    14The Bloodhound GangI Hope You Die
    15Ancient ChampionWhat Mods and Skins Mean to the Minecraft Kids
    16John MorelandSallisaw Blue
    17Smoking PopesWhen You Want Something
    18Pernice BrothersDevil and the Djinn
    19Solomon BurkeNone of Us Are Free
    20Playboy ManbabyI’m So Affluent
    21Miranda LambertWhite Trash
    22YuckHoling Out
    23Leonard CohenEverybody Knows
    24DesaparecidosGolden Parachutes
    25CeasefireCarter USM