2019-09-14 CWMP3s Presented by John Parsons

  • 1 Wolf Alice Bros
    2 Doomsquad Who Owns Noon is Sandusky?
    3 Spoon Me and the Bean
    4 Red River Dialect Fallen Tree
    5 She Makes War London Bites
    6 Son Lux Dream State
    7 Curse of Lono Each Time You Hurt
    8 Why? Stained Glass Slipper
    9 Speedy Oriz Zig
    10 W. H. Lung Second Death of my Face
    11 The Hold Steady Denver Haircut
    12 E. B. the Younger A Matter of Time
    13 Sleater Kinney Ruins
    14 School of Language A Beautiful Wall
    15 Robbie Fulks Tears Only Run One Way
    16 Tropical Fuck Storm Asprin
    17 Mammoth Penguins Closure
    18 Modern Nature Criminals
    19 Dan Friel Cirrus
    20 Hurray for the Riff Raff Rican Beach
    21 You Tell Me Foreign Parts
    22 Son Lux Flight
    23 Howlin Rain Death Prayer in Heaven’s Orchard (Live)