2019-04-27 CWMP3s Presented by John Parsons

  • 1 Jon Hopkins Wire
    2 Kathleen Turner Westby
    3 Idles Well Done
    4 Kelly Hogan Ways of this World
    5 Lost in the Trees Walk Around the Lake
    6 Kevin Ayers There is Loving/Among us/There is Loving
    7 Wild Pink There is a Ledger
    8 Pearl Jam Save You
    9 The Decemberists Rusalka, Rusalka/Wild Rushes
    10 La Dispute Rhodonite and Grief
    11 Ex Hex Rainbow Shiner
    12 FSOL The Purged
    13 Jack Adaptor Promised Land
    14 Peter Kernel Pretty Perfect
    15 Crack Cloud Philosopher’s Calling
    16 KORT Penetration
    17 Red River Dialect Open Sky (bell)
    18 White Denim NY Money
    19 Meatloaf Bad Attitude
    20 Nervus Nobody Loses all the Time
    21 Pearl Jam Lukin