2019-03-30 CWMP3s Presented by Alan Devey

  • 1ButterglorySit In The Car
    2SuperchunkMy Gap Feels Weird
    3CornershopBrimful of Asha
    4Eric BachmannMurmuration Song
    5Imperial TeenBaby
    6American Music ClubHome
    7Robert PollardI’m a Widow
    8William TylerThe Great Unwind
    9And You Will Know Us By The Trail of DeadMistakes and Regrets
    10The Magnetic FieldsGrand Canyon
    11The Magnetic FieldsPapa Was a Rodeo
    12Dinosaur Jr.The Lung
    13M WardEpistemology
    14SeamSomething’s Burning
    15Arcade FireRebellion (Lies)
    16East River PipeBackroom Deals
    17SpoonTake The Fifth
    18Archers of LoafWrong
    19Neutral Milk HotelHolland, 1945
    21Rocket From The CryptUFO UFO UFO
    22Teenage FanclubIt’s All In My Mind
    23WaxahatcheeSparks Fly
    24Wedding PresentSucker (Live)
    26SuperchunkBrand New Love