2019-02-09 CWMP3s Presented by Alan Devey

  • 1The Pack A.D.Don’t Have To
    2Sunshine Frisbee LaserbeamAll The Way Over The Edge
    3Nina SimoneMy Baby Just Cares For Me
    4Dean WarehamHolding Pattern
    5Velvet CrushThis Life Is Killing Me
    6Pistol AnniesStop, Drop and Roll One
    7NothingtonA Mistake
    8Pseudo NipponBig Man Moustache
    9Two GallantsSeems Like Home to Me
    10Sunshine Frisbee LaserbeamBlackout Cowboy
    11PavementGive It a Day
    12Royal TruxI’m Ready
    13Clem SnideWeird
    14SlobberboneEngine Joe
    15SoulwaxMuch Against Everyone’s Advice
    16dEUSViolins and Happy Endings
    17The GlandsWork It Out
    18BellyBaby’s Arm
    19SugarJC Auto
    20Sunshine Frisbee LaserbeamRunning From My Ghost
    22American AquariumWolves
    23Alkaline TrioMercy Me
    24Dangermouse and SparklehorseDadddy’s Gone
    25Steve Earle and the Dukes (and Duchesses)21st Century Blues
    26Purling HissTeddy’s Servo Motors