2016-08-06 JPR

  • 1NoMeansNoTeresa, Gimme that Knife
    2SilkwormSeverance Pay
    3OddjobsThe Mighty Fine
    4WeavesCoo Coo
    5The RutabegaCome Back Big Brother
    6The Claypool Lennon DeliriumCricket and the Genie(movement I, The Delirium)
    7SignalsSleep Talk
    9The Silent LeagueYours Truly,2095
    10The AvalanchesBecause I’m Me
    11Rachel’sSouthbound to Marion
    12Tiny Moving PartsBirdhouse
    13Steve GunnWater Wheel
    14CartographerDrop A is a Ridiculous Tuning
    15The Blue AeroplanesOne World Passport
    16LowNo Comprende
    17Howlin’ RainDark Side
    18Cop Shoot Cop$10 Bill
    19Richard ThompsonWaltzing’s for Dreamers
    20PolvoTragic Carpet Ride
    21Besnard LakesShe’s Like the Ocean
    22IdlewildI Don’t Have the Map
    23Peter Wolf CrierBeach
    24Father John MistyChateaux Lobby (In C for 2 Virgins)
    25CursiveDorothy at Forty