2016-04-16 ALK

  • 1Iron and WinePassing Afternoon
    2Clem SnideEnd of Love
    3Magnolia Electric CompanyShiloh
    4ShearwaterGlass Bones
    6SebadohMy Drugs
    7Built To SpillThe Plan
    8Delta SleepUncle Ivan
    9Sleater KinneyPrice Tag
    10Two GallantsThe Deader
    11Led ZeppelinBlack Dog
    12Red FangPrehistoric Dog
    13Bear ClawBackbreaker
    14Signal To TrustThe Herald
    15PileWaking Up in the morning
    16MudhoneySuck You Dry
    17PJ HarveyMissed
    18David BazanTrouble With Boys
    19BedheadRest of the Day
    21The New YearStranger To Kindness
    22OrsoFor Lack Of Better Words
    23QuasiYou Can Stay But You Gotta Go
    24Death VesselJitterkadie
    25Alasdair RobertsFirewater (Library Of Aethers)