2016-03-12 CWMP3s Presented by John Parsons

  • 1Boban I Marko Markovic OrkestarKhelipe cheasa
    2Micah P HinsonStop the world I want to get off
    4Field MusicDon’t you want to know what’s wrong?
    5Von SudenfedFamily Feud
    7Kristen HershPoor Ellen Smith
    8The UncludedBoomerang
    9Get Him, Eat HimPush and pull
    10Bonnie Prince BillyMay it always be
    11The Mountain GoatsEstate sale sign
    12B DolanReptillian agenda
    13The Baptist GeneralsBroken glass
    14Exploder than YouDanny Devito’s defeato burrito
    15Modest MouseLampshades on fire
    16GrandaddyNow it’s on
    17GableThe stone and the wolf
    18Eef BarzelayApocalyptic friend
    19Evil SuperstarsParasol
    20StarsTrap door
    21SpoonRent I pay
    22MorrisseyThe National Front disco
    24UnderworldPearl’s girl