2018-04-07 CWMP3s presented by Andrew Kingston

  • 1The BreedersBlues At The Acropolis
    2Buffalo TomLonely Fast And Deep
    3Dinosaur JrTar Pit
    4SebadohSoul and Fire
    5Sonic YouthKool Thing
    6PavementRange Life
    7RideLike A Daydream
    8Beastie BoysSabrosa
    10WilcoSummer Teeth
    11Aerial MAttention Span Deficit Disorder Disruption; a journey wherein the Cheech Wizard seeks the gateway out of the world of red dust, and learns that running between the raindrops won’t save you from Chocolate Thunder
    12SouerJust Yet
    13PJ HarveyEcstasy
    14Tangled HairKeep Doing What You’re Doing
    16The House Of LoveRoad
    17Madder RoseWhile Away
    18MoonshakeSecondhand Clothes
    19Built To SpillDistopian Dream Girl
    20NirvanaFrances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge
    22OxesRiki Cream Calls This One Chivas