2017-10-21 CWMP3s Presented by Andrew Kingston

  • 1ReubenSuffocation Of The Soul
    2Jamie LenmanWaterloo Teeth
    3Bottomless PitKiss Them All
    4Robbie FulksDown In Her Arms
    5TotorroBeverley Pills
    6Alpha Male Tea PartySome Soldiers
    8ReubenA Short History Of Nearly Everything
    10ShellacWatch Song
    11Money MarkPoets Walk
    12Bonnie Prince BillyStablemate
    13Nina NastasiaCry, Cry Baby
    14SpainDreaming of Love
    15Mark HollisColour Of Spring
    16Spacemen 3Come Down Easy
    17ReubenGood Luck
    18Shipping NewsQuiet Victories
    19BreedersWait In The Car
    20Kingsbury ManxPelz Komet
    21ReubenCities On Fire